Robots that solve problems now

Dexterity helps people thrive and grow by freeing them to do work that humans do best. For warehouse robotics, we focus on AI, machine learning, and platform-based robotic intelligence to make warehouses more productive, efficient, and safe.

Dexterity is dedicated to smooth, non-disruptive transitions

We believe in the power of robotics to radically transform the world around us and make work more purposeful. Through continuous innovation in robotic automation, we apply our experience and skills to solve persistent challenges in the logistics industry.

From friends to founders

What began as friendships forged at a Stanford University robotics lab has blossomed into one of the most forward-thinking robotics companies in the industry.

The Dexterity Founding Team Members are: CEO Samir Menon; founding engineers Robert Sun, Kevin Chavez, Ben Varkey Benjamin, Talbot Morris-Downing, and Cuthbert Sun; and founding product manager Adam Kell.

Our leadership team has since grown to include luminaries from robotics, logistics, tech, and finance. Anyone with a passion for solving customer problems with cutting edge robotics can make a foundational impact at Dexterity.

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