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Adaptable automation with Full-Capability Robots

Combining unprecedented demand with a historic shortage of support has driven the need for warehouses to automate. Enter Dexterity’s Full-Capability Robots. Our robots multitask for human-level throughput in complex, repetitive tasks. Get started quickly with robots that tackle the full range of tasks and adapt to your workflow starting from inbound to outbound.

Pick, scan, singulate and induct at over 2,000 parcels per hour.


Build stable, mixed-SKU pallets without operator supervision or ASRS lookahead.


Automate pallet unloading that easily copes with mixed SKUs, jumbled loads, and damaged boxes.


Automate order fulfillment for speed, accuracy, and packing efficiency.

Your inbound to outbound powered by one platform

The Dexterity platform transforms traditional single task-focused industrial arms into multi-tasking, collaborative, problem-solving robots ready to tackle your hardest warehouse problems. The Dexterity platform shares what it learns with every robot in your network so your fleet gets smarter and more efficient with each pick.

Solving real-world problems


picks in production — parcels, bread, boxes, flats, polybags, trays, and more


unique SKUs picked on first encounter in production environments


picks per hour in production singulation — beyond human speed

6+ Years

of robot time in production

Need a hand?

We start with your real-world challenges and work backwards to find solutions. Picking bread without damaging the packaging or flattening the bread? Moving parcels but also the occasional bowling ball or coffee pod? Our system adapts to you. We are thrilled to work together to find the most pressing issues Full-Capability robots can solve in your operations.
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24 hr

Our robots can be deployed on site in as little as 24 hours.


Our systems work in your existing workflows and infrastructure

One Day ROI

With SaaS-based pricing and robot leasing models, you can start seeing ROI on Day One.


We offer 24/7 support and performance guarantees for our robots in production.

Help us deliver world-changing robotics

Working with Dexterity, you will work to solve some of the toughest challenges facing the global supply chain at some of the largest businesses on Earth. Together with our customers, we help ensure store shelves are stocked and packages arrive on time. Learn more about how you can shape the future with us.