The Dexterity Platform

FTE robots are made possible by the Dexterity platform. All of our solutions are powered by the same Dexterity platform, which allows the automation of supply chain workflows.
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Data Analytics

Insights driven by installed robot fleet.
Telemetry from robots
Dashboard for all robots across fleet
Visibility across deployments
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Automation Collaboration

Tools for deriving value from a fleet of installed robots.
Multi-agent collaboration
Shared machine learning
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Automation Control

All things related to individual robot control.
Motion control
Computer vision
Mobility-Force control
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Manage your inbound to outbound with one platform

Solving the complexity of tasks across the warehouse may seem daunting. The Dexterity platform pulls the intelligence that help robots tackle the full capabilities needed for everything from breaking down pallets to fulfilling orders.

With the Dexterity platform, your toughest warehouse problem is already 80% solved. As robots work, the Dexterity platform captures rich data on operations for granular, real-time visibility into throughput to improve productivity across facilities and supply chains.

Automation Controls

Advanced vision, force control, and motion control to pick up nearly anything
Mobility through aisles for unit picks and case picks
Adaptable to unstructured environments with a wide diversity of items
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Automation Collaboration

Hub for shared robot intelligence, behavior and reasoning
Sophisticated motion control to synchronize robots in real time
Fleet scheduling and collaboration for beyond human-level throughput
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Data Analytics

Granular data on each item picked
Deep insight into operations
Detailed, real-time visibility into throughput
Automated order validation

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